W5 Group’s Target Residential Sectors

Growth and suburban markets have benefited from the pandemic and are poised to continue to benefit from WFH, and aging millennials seek more space and better school systems.

Purpose built student housing with bed / bath parity is needed to replace and supplement limited and older student housing stock.

Resilient demand for student housing due to expectation of social, cultural and networking opportunities, even with remote learning during the pandemic.

Historically high home prices, limited access to credit and aging Millennials have created surging demand for Single family Rentals.

These homes are often rented to families as they provide more space (particularly valuable during COVID), privacy, community and amenities.

Co-living is a living arrangement that is responsive to the sharing economy, consumer preferences and poised for growth post pandemic.

Provides a solution to high cost of living and loneliness in the digital age by offering great value, community and a 24/7 live, work, and play environment.

The micro unit trend, which began in Europe, is emerging in the US and provides affordable urban living for those who value privacy.

The demand for more efficient units in transit oriented locations has increased and is poised for further growth.

Elements of Innovation

W5 Group targets investments that include flexibility, community, value, technology, densification and design as a means to generate incremental return and long term value.


21st century mobile lifestyles have brought to light the need for more flexible housing options


Fostering organic interactions through digital and in house activities that promote human connection, both physically and virtually


Increased cost of living in cities drives demand for affordable product within close proximity to employment, entertainment, cultural and educational centers


Mobile and desktop applications to streamline leasing, maintenance, community building, marketing, security, apartment access and other processes


Through the densification process, new builds and conversions become more efficient and generate higher yields


Efficient, flexible floorplans and aesthetically pleasing interiors with a range of premier amenities optimize the resident’s experience